We must never assume Pakatan Harapan’s weakness as our advantage. Always remember that our victories should not be a reason for us to be boastful and arrogant. Instead, we must be consistent in rectifying our weaknesses and strengthening unity in our party. We must fulfil the needs of our constituents in our Parliaments and state seats. We must instead build on our collective strength to guarantee that Barisan Nasional will once again win back the trust of all Malaysians and be the people’s hope to govern the nation.

These past few months have been a game-changer for many nations around the world. Covid-19 as we all know has brought countries to their knees and Malaysia was not spared. Lockdowns imposed by nations have disrupted global flows of trade and investment, on top of changing the way societies live and interact. Interestingly, what’s unique about Covid-19 is that it has levelled the playing field for nations, neither wealth nor power can influence how severe a country is infected.

Previously, we lived in a global order dominated by larger nations, and smaller nations always had to accommodate to their interests and priorities. But as we know, Covid-19 does not discriminate and affects everyone in its path. My own personal belief is countries like Malaysia must remain strong and independent in this new global landscape. We have weathered through the storm and shown that with our strong conviction, we have successfully managed to keep infections at bay.


But it is important to remember, we have not won the war against Covid-19, neither have we lost the war yet. We still need the collective strength of each and every one of you to break the chain of transmission. We must all understand that we have never experienced a pandemic of this scale in our generation but we all have a choice. We can either emerge stronger and more united, or allow hate and divide to rule. Let’s strive to emulate the values that Onn Ja’afar fought and struggled dearly for. Let us be united and share the same determination he had. We can do so much more to ensure a brighter future for our nation, a future our children and grandchildren will be proud of. Working together is therefore more crucial now than ever. Remember, #MalaysiaDeservesBetter.




We have the choice to emerge stronger and more united, or allow hate and divide to rule.


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Signed a photo of my late father, Tun Hussein Onn with the then Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir at the 3rd Asia Pacific Roundtable in 1989

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